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Hello! I'm Jess, a photographer, mom, wife, runner and professional based in Fairfield County, CT. 

When I was young, my mother took up photography as a hobby. Some of my earliest memories are of her taking photos. Once, she borrowed lighting equipment from a friend and took studio style photos of my sister and I.  We still have those photos that she took of us. She passed away suddenly when I was six and since then photography has been a way to connect with her, to hold on a bit. Growing up I treasured the photos she took, even though they aren’t technically amazing - like the photo of the sunset we had at the top of the stairs, but it represented something she saw and captured, a tangible thing that connected me to her. Her camera was a treasure for me as well. A Minolta 35mm that my sisters and I still use from time to time.


Now, I think photography is a way to not only hold on to what was lost but also preserve the way I see the world, the moments I value- the quiet moments that are easily swept away with time. Some of my favorite photos, the ones I would save if my house was burning down aren’t the best, sometimes they are quite imperfect, but they capture a special moment or point in time. Through my work, I want to bring that value to my clients. Ensuring that their photos capture what they value and moments that would have otherwise been swept away with time. 

What I want my photos to do: 


1.) Be authentic - I very much want my photos to be authentic, to really capture the moment. I want the photo to speak for itself. 


2.) Be natural- I want to capture natural moments of beauty and emotion to tell the story. I want to find the story, not create the story. I want my role to be to pinpoint the natural storyline and facilitate the memorialization of that. 


3.) Be unexpected- I want my work to be unexpected. To show the story or scenes in a way that makes people connect to the event and subjects in a way that they weren’t expecting. 

Thank you for visiting my page, I look forward to meeting new, fun, amazing people who have their own unique story to tell! 

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Tel: 203-520-6427

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