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Family, whatever that means to you, is everything. Family is the story. The one we are a part of every single day, that started generations ago. Whether in your home, in studio, or outdoors, our session will be a chance for you to engage with each other in your own, authentic way.
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Whether it’s just the two of you or all of your closest friends and family, I will be with you every step of the way capturing all the beauty and magic of your day. The joy, tears, laughter and the meaning.
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Whatever the occasion: lifestyle photos for your business or website, a professional headshot, content for your blog or marketing content, I will work with you to capture images that are authentic to you and your brand.
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Journal 07.03.2021

Shannon & John’s Engagement Celebration

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Journal 05.21.2021

Aggy & Max Spring Engagement Session, May 2021

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Journal 05.17.2021

Sunset Photoshoot, Danbury CT

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I’m jess, and I’m in love with the unexpectedly beautiful, imperfect, moments that make up our lives. I believe that we all want to live a meaningful story. One that is rich with joy, fun, laughter and even the occasional tears. A story that when viewed in its entirety, makes apparent what we stand for, what we value and how we want to be with each other. A story that is uniquely ours.

As a mom, I am all too aware of how quickly time passes and I cherish opportunities to pause, notice, and appreciate the beauty unfolding around me. As a photographer, I get to hit the pause button on life. To savor the here and now: the HUMAN-NESS of it all and to be able to go back and experience these moments again and again, for generations.